Our Mission:
American Values

Waking Up America is dedicated to promoting America’s core values of hard work, self-determination and the promise of the American Dream. These values are in jeopardy and it is as important as ever to educate the public and engage with them on the important issues of the day.

We must protect the American way of life, without big government interference, to ensure that our children and grandchildren grow up in an America they can be proud of.

We must free ourselves of the victimhood mentality and take control of our own destiny. Help us protect the American Dream. Sign up and join our cause today.

What They’re Saying

  • “I applaud you for standing up and speaking for what you believe in. Even if it makes you unpopular among your fellow Democrats!”

    Esther Shacket
    Board Chair at Jewish Community Foundation of Broward County
  • “This guy, Vernon Jones, is stronger and more articulate than any Republican supporting Trump I can recall in four years.”

    Rush Limbaugh
    Syndicated Radio Host
  • “I said I would never vote for a Democrat but if my brother Vernon Jones ever ran for anything, I would support him. He is so the real deal and he supports Trump policies.”

    Wayne Dupree
    Writer and Host of Wayne Dupree Podcast

Our Founder: Vernon Jones

Nurtured in American Values

Vernon Jones was reared on a tobacco farm in Laurel Hill, North Carolina. He was 5th of six children born in a four room cinder block house with no indoor plumbing. His parents Robert and Rufer Jones taught him the value of faith, hard work, self-reliance and self-respect.

Jones received a BA in Business Administration / Information Systems from North Carolina Central University, in Durham, NC. Prior to public service, Jones had a successful career in corporate America, including Fortune 500 companies such as BellSouth Mobility and MCI Worldcom, and President of the Henry Oliver Company, a consulting firm established by Jones.

Successful Public Servant

As the former Chief Executive Officer of DeKalb County, Georgia, Jones managed nearly 7,000 employees and directed the day-to-day county operations, which included managing one of the largest police departments in Georgia.

Jones successfully balanced budgets, secured dual AAA bond ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poors, preserved over 4,000 acres of greenspace, and passed four bond referenda for libraries, parks, and infrastructure improvements. His 12 years record as a Georgia State Representative includes co-sponsorship of the Georgia Peach Care Act that ensures thousands of uninsured children.

Nationally Recognized

Jones is a former Georgia State Representative and lifelong Democrat who made national headlines when he announced his support for President Donald Trump’s re-election.

He’s published op-eds on CNN, Fox News, the Daily Caller and the Atlanta Voice, which have received praise from some of the most powerful voices in the conservative movement.